How we Work

How we Work - Molten Sky Videographers Galway

How we Work – Molten Sky Videographers Galway 

Our experience has taught us that the highest quality video production requires several key steps when creating high quality videos, so this is how we typically work;


1. We meet with you to determine the scope of the project and also the budget. If you are new to the world of film or video production we will  explain the considerations that influence the production approach as well as the costs associated with capturing what you want.

2. After our consultation,  will then email you a proposal based on what we discussed to make the project a reality.

3.  Once we are both clear on the objective, timeframe and cost we shoot the project.

3. Once the project is shot, we will edit the captured footage and then present a first draft edit for the clients approval. This gives the client an opportunity to request changes if necessary.

4. After the client has fully approved the project, we can deliver the project in whatever media or file format the client requires.


How we Work - Molten Sky Videographers Galway 2