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Wedding Video Info - Molten Sky Galway Wedding Videos


 Wedding Video Info – Molten Sky Galway Wedding Videos  


Welcome to Molten Sky Wedding Videography Galway. We provide professional wedding videography services in the Galway area, we also provide professional wedding video services nationwide including Mayo, Clare, Sligo and Limerick. There are many aspects you have to consider when choosing your wedding videographer. Since your wedding is a “live event” and you don’t have a second opportunity to film it, you should select a professional wedding videographer who will definitely capture the most important elements of your wedding. You not only want the elements that will tell the story of your wedding but also those that reflect the feelings and the atmosphere of that special once-in-a-lifetime event.

We specialise in an artistic, modern cinematic style that allows for more of an aesthetic sense of your wedding day celebrations. We artistically capture details and people’s expressions conveying emotion, as well as interesting and symbolic details of the wedding ceremony itself. We also have multiple cameras that will capture different angles and dimensions of the wedding ceremony, so that our clients will be able to get a fuller picture of their special event.

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Our unobtrusive video approach is vital because it allows for a more intimate filming of the event. Molten Sky Wedding videographers  provide the perfect combination of the artistic mind, high end HD technology and latest editing techniques which will  give you the opportunity to relive your special day again.

All of our packages include professional HDV (high definition video) cameras to achieve the best quality possible and a wireless microphone system to capture the best sound quality possible. We are convinced that you will be more than satisfied with our results and that you will be able to cherish your wedding video for years to come.


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